Some of the varied and challenging projects that the Instinct Engine has been involved in over the past decade.


GPU AI Demo (2009)

We wanted to know how easily a technology like CUDA could be used from inside the Instinct Engine SDK (used to develop DogFighter) and if the additional horse power could be utilized for some game mechanics.

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Dare To Be Digital

Dare To Be Digital (2006-08)

Dare to be Digital is a video games development competition for extremely talented students at Universities and Colleges of Art. Teams of 5 students, usually a mix of artists, programmers and audio, assemble at Abertay University for 9 weeks during June to August to develop a prototype video game, receiving mentoring from industry.

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Prospector (2006)

The Prospector demo showcases the powerful graphics features of the Instinct Engine Runtime. It was created using the editing tools provided in Instinct Engine Studio.

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Dreadnought (2005)

Instinct Technology and AMD have teamed up to offer gamers and enthusiasts a powerful demonstration of AMD64 64-bit gaming. Today and tomorrow’s games such as Instinct Technology’s Dreadnought demo increasingly depend on the processing power of the CPU to provide the performance for realistic world effects.

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Havok GDC Demo (2004)

This demo showcases a bunch of new features found in Havok 2.0, particularly Ragdoll Physics.

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Move To HD

The Move To HD (2003)

With the increasing processoring capability of both CPUs and GPUs, we are starting to see a paradigm shift in the visual quality that can be presented in games scenes.

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TechDemo (2001)

The Torc demo is a technology demonstration for Torc Interactive's previous game engine. The demo is an FPS which is set in an old Celtic monastery where you must battle your way to collect the Torc artifact.

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