Instinct Engine SDK

The Instinct Engine SDK is a cross platform game development solution featuring high-performance graphics coupled with powerful game creation tools, allowing a wide variety of game genres to be developed. These tools support WYSIWYG editing within a single unified working environment, Instinct Engine SDK, maximizing productivity by reducing iteration times. The software has been designed as a true middleware API utilizing a set of extensible frameworks.

High Performance Graphics

• Highly efficient rendering and flexible scene management system.
• Optimizing scene compiler can be used to greatly increase performance of both indoor and outdoor scenes.
• Customizable graphics system - plug in your own visibility system, post processing effects, etc.
• Default system supports both indoor (using BSP, portals & PVS) and large outdoor environments (using kd-tree).
• Inheritance based materials eliminates lengthy shader compile times.
• Supports many industry standard formats like HLSL, .dds, .png, .ogg, dae (COLLADA), .map, etc.
• Inbuilt models and animations solution with an exporter for 3D Studio Max.

Cutting Edge Graphics Techniques

• Deferred Rendering option to dramatically improve dynamic lighting performance.
• Shadow filtering; Uniform PCF, Jittered PCF and ESM.
• Cascaded Shadow Maps (CSM) for increased shadow quality on global lights.
• High Dynamic Range lighting.
• Post Processing framework: Tone Mapping, Pixel Motion Blur, Depth of Field, etc.
• GPU Skinning (4 bones per vertex).

Powerful Game Creation Tools

• Intuitive, modern user interface using the MS Office Ribbon and Visual Studio style docking controls.
• Real-time editing and WYSIWYG tools provide instant feedback to level designers.
• Instantly play the scene you are working on from within the editing environment.
• Prefabs allow heavy reuse of content and simplify development and level design.
• Undo / redo supported on all operations.
• Manage game assets directly in the editing environment.
• Construct scene geometry using the internal brush editing tools, or import from 3rd party art packages.

Flexible Cross Platform Game Development

• Cross platform game development (PC & Xbox 360 ready, with PS3 and handheld devices currently in development).
• Remote Control reflects tools environment on a console dev-kit in real-time.
• Data driven, flexible and modular framework built in C++ with support for LUA scripting.
• Modular component-based design enables easy modification and extensibility.
• Integrate existing or third party code with ease.
• Genre agnostic. Has been used in first person shooters, 3rd person action games, air combat games, puzzle games and 2D Sprite based games.
• Performance has not been sacrificed to support the modular design.
• Provides a large library of optimized low level utilities - memory manager, containers, maths, profiling, etc.

Best-of-breed Middleware Integration

• Physics is provided via our Ageia PhysX integration.
• Music and sound support is provided via our FMod integration. We also provide a DirectSound implementation.
• Scaleform is supported for rendering graphical user interfaces created using Adobe Flash.
• Philips amBX is supported for controlling amBX ambient environment hardware.
• Actively adding support for other quality middleware products.